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Dusty Kramps - Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor

  • Began instructing Martial Arts in 1999
  • Winning professional fight records in MMA  & Muay Thai
  • Trained and fought in Thailand (attach link to Muay thai fight here)
  • Successfully tried out for WAND Fight Team in 2009

Dusty Kramps is a high level instructor who has trained and competed on a world scale to get where he is at today and we are lucky to have experts like him at Champion’s Creed Martial Arts. He is one of our key Muay Thai instructors and leaders at our club. 

Dusty began his Martial Arts training in 1992 beginning with TaeKwonDo as that’s what was available in the small town where he grew up.  Once he moved to Calgary he began training in Muay Thai where he started to take his Martial Arts career much more seriously and began testing himself through competition as well as travelling to Thailand on numerous occasions to learn as well as fight.

He began instructing and passing along his knowledge in 1999 and has found a passion for teaching and helping people achieve their goals both physically and mentally to become stronger and confident. He started at Champion’s Creed in 2010 where he has flourished and excelled both as an athlete and leader.

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