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Melissa Fryer - Junior Instructor

Melissa has been a member of Champions Creed since she was 6 years old and has been actively competing in various marital arts at high levels all across Canada ever since. She has been a part of the kids program for 9 years and has been a Junior Coach in the kid’s program for the last 3 years. Her goal is to compete in in MMA competitions and maybe even the Olympics one day. She loves to compete/live the lifestyle of a martial artist and being involved with Champions Creed has been a hugely positive factor in Melissa’s life, greatly contributing to who she is today. Melissa brings her experience as a student, Junior Coach and competitive athlete to the Champions Creed’s kids program to help develop the next generation of martial artists.

  • Trained for 9 years in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling and Muay Thai/kickboxing
  • National and Provincial competitive experience
  • Two-time CBJJF Provincial Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (no-gi) Champion
  • Silver 2015 Western Canada Games
  • Silver 2015 ASICS National Canadian Championships
  • Gold 2015 Western Canada Age Class
  • Gold 2014/2015 Alberta Open
  • Gold 2014/2015 Calgary Junior Olympics
  • Gold 2014 Alberta Winter Games
  • Undefeated school wrestling record for 3 years
  • Competed in hundreds of wrestling/Jiu Jitsu/kickboxing matches

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