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Champion's Creed went 3-1 at AFC: Rise

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Our team went 3-1 last night at AFC: Rise. Great night of fights and as always I am very proud of my team in victory and defeat.

First off great job and thanks to AFC promoters Steve Fader and Phillip Walsh on the show!

Darcy McKenna won by strikes from the mount in round one improving his record to 4-0. Darcy's fight was switched up after his original opponent dropped out a few days before the fight. The only replacement fighter available was one weight class up. Darcy said "lets do it" with no hesitation. Do we have the next Dan Henderson?? "Any weight, any time!" :-)

Trent House won by try-angle choke in round three with just 16 seconds left on the clock. Already experienced in Muay Thai fights, his MMA debut gave him the chance to showcase not only his awesome striking, but his wresting and ground game for the first time. Trent controlled the pace and range of the fight with his striking, and showed good takedown defence, and ground control. (kick boxer winning by submission!! What is this world coming to! :-)

Noah Ali picked up his first Pro MMA win by submission in the first round. The number one goal in this fight was for Noah to learn to stay relaxed and pace himself, and he did just that. This lead to his opponent trying for a takedown and exposing his neck for a guillotine choke submission.

Jason Gorny lost to a RNC in round one. Jason, we know you are going though a tough time with your fighting right now. We are your team and we have your back 100% always. Stay strong and keep moving forward.

Also great job to the corner crew. Clay Davidson, Josh Kitchen, Billy Kim, Sheila Bird. These are the guys (and gal) that make the magic in back so the fighters are fully prepared when they step out. A lot goes on in back that no one sees but is so important to the fighters success, and with four fighters this is even harder, but you made things run incredibly smooth!!

AFC was also the first time the CCMA cage was used in a live event! It looked awesome! Huge thanks to all the volunteers that helped set it up and take it down. You guys are the best!!

We had a huge turnout from our team to support the guys and the event! The energy from our team was unreal!

Champion's Creed is just getting started and the future looks bright!!!!