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3 UFC Wins for Calgary Hero Nick Ring

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Nick Ring UFC 143

Celebrations are an order after Nick's victory at UFC 149 in Calgary on July 21, 2012. We have always prided ourselves at Champion's Creed Martial Arts for our positive team atmosphere and it was no surprise to have hundreds of Nick's supporters going to watch him fight on UFC, the first time Calgary has ever had a UFC. The fans were thunderous as Nick walked out to the cage with Brett "The Hitman" Hart along with coaches Brian Bird, Doug Harder and Lee Mein. In the end it was ALL Nick in the cage facing one of his toughest opponents. Nick took the victory after a hard fought 3 round battle and the judges gave Nick the unanimous decision having won the first 2 rounds giving opponent Court McGee a broken nose in the 2nd round and causing more damage.

Celebrations always follow with such an important win for Nick and his team. We held a BBQ at Champion's Creed August 6th for Nick and our members so Nick could share with everyone his excitement and victory with the entire team. There is always a huge support group of coaches, training partners and friends that support and stand behind a fighter but in the end Nick is the one who locked himself in a cage with another man with only one goal in mind, and he succeeded and became the Victor. We are all proud of Nick and happy for him.

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