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CCMA goes 3 - 1 after an exciting weekend of fights in Calgary and Lethbridge over the weekend.

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Fight 1 for CCMA: Trent "Slaughter" House vs Cody Brown

Friday night starting the fights off on a "fight of the night" performance was Trent "Slaughter" House, with the crowd chanting his name he finished his opponent off at 2:52 in round 2 with a Key lock submission from top position. Up until that point House was lighting his opponent Cody Brown up with excellent Muay Thai striking and after landing a hard right cross knocking his opponent to the ground, he then finished with a submission with only 8 seconds remaining in the amateur bout makingTrent's MMA record now is 2 - 0.

Fight 2: Noah "The Chosen Defender" Ali vs Jesse Veltri

Noah Ali did not disappoint the crowd by his performance making his home town happy with a quick submission for the Main event of the night. Once he strapped on his guillotine choke when his opponent extended his neck shooting in on Noah for a take down it only took a second for his opponent to tap many times until the referee stopped the fight. This is the 2nd professional MMA fight win for Noah Ali.

Fight 3: Will "The Thrill" Monzon vs Ian Odland

Will's fight did not go as planned for him. Unfortunately he lost in round one to a rear naked choke after he made a mistake and his opponent was able to capitalize on it.  Monzon will be back in the cage soon. He is always a good sport and a great competitor.

Fight 4: Jason "Flash" Gorny vs Sean Merkl

Gorny won his professional MMA fight against a Lethbridge heavy handed striker crowd favourite Sean Merkl. This fight was semi - main event and Gorny had a great game plan going into the fight to use his grappling skills to take the fight to the ground right off the bat and take away Merkl's punching power.  Once Gorny secured his take down and progressed to the mounted position he took his time and worked his triangle head and arm choke to finish the fight in round 1. Congrats to Gorny for a great win and smart game plan to beat a tough opponent.