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Champion's Creed Fighters - Aggression FC 12 Results

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Two Bird Rights And Good Night

AFC 12 - Champions Creed Results

AFC: Domination Fight event over the weekend truly meant DOMINATION for Champion's Creed Fighters Sheila Bird, Trent House, Dusty Kramps and Andrew Kloot. CCMA takes home 4 wins and zero losses on Friday night at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary. Amazing coaching by Brian Bird and Doug Harder. Also thank you to the guys in the back Noah Ali, Mark Vella and Josh Kitchen for warming the fighters up and helping out in back. The crowd was amazing with 2,000 people in attendance cheering on the home town fighters. It was great to see so many CCMA members, friends and family out to support our team. These events would not be possible if it wasn't for the fans. Here are the results as written by TopMMA news.

Sheila Bird vs. Christina Barry

Wins Knock Out of the night!!

Sheila lands two hard straight right hands that drop Christina to the mat. She lands a couple more hard shots before the referee stops the fight. Wow! Not bad for a grappler.

Sheila Bird defeats Christina Barry by Knock Out in Round 1, 0:11

Trent “Slaughter” House vs. Mitch Carlson

Round 1: Trent lands a couple of hard knees to Mitch’s solar plexus. Mitch lands a great right hook to Trent’s body but Trent response with four or five powerfully knees to Mitch’s midsection. The fighters break then Mitch pulls guard. Trent passes to half mount and starts attacking the body. Trent passes to full mount and starts working for an arm triangle but lets it go. Trent is working again for the arm triangle but Mitch wont let him pass to side control for the finish. This was almost a 10-8 round for Trent.

Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Trent House

Round 2: Mitch charges and lands an inside leg kick but then Trent pushes Mitch up against the cage is is landing knees, uppercuts, leg kicks… whatever he wants. This is just domination. Mitch has to get off the cage. Mitch creates some distance and shoots but Trent defends and lets Mitch stand up. Mitch charges in and Trent greets him with a crushing uppercut. I can’t believe how much damage Mitch is taking in this fight. Trent lands a great combination and drops Mitch with a leg kick. Mitch gets back up and Trent drops him again with a leg kick. Trent moves in with a combination and this time the referee stops it. Wow! I really want to see Trent fight professionally.

Trent House defeats Mitch Carlson by Technical Knock Out in Round 2, 2:35

Dusty Kramps vs. Josh Fried

Round 1: Both fighters are keeping a really fast pace to open the round. Josh lands a hard leg kick and both fighters are scoring in the exchanges. Dusty starts pinning Josh against the cage but Josh defends the takedown and lands a number of elbows to Josh’s side. Josh lands a great hook and then Dusty returns the favour then follows it up with a great double leg takedown. From half mount Dusty is working hard to pass. Just as Dusty gets full mount Josh almost sweeps him but at least recovers guard. Dusty lands a few shots from the top just as the round ends. Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Dusty Kramps

Round 2: Josh lands a really hard right kick that stuns Dusty. Dusty recovers and shoots for a takedown and completes it. Dusty passes to side control. Josh almost stands up but Dusty pushes him back down and winds up in Joshes guard. From guard Josh starts working for a kimura and almost uses it to stand up but Dusty escapes and maintains top position. Dusty is getting a lot of work done from Josh’s guard and is landing a lot of elbow strikes to Josh’s midsection. Dusty is really dominant from top position especially for a amateur fight where strikes to the head of a grounded opponent are not allowed. Josh tries gain to stand up but Dusty takes his back for trying.

Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Dusty Kramps

Round 3: Dusty opens round three with a great sidekick and follows it up with a couple of hard leg kicks. Dusty looks really confident. Josh attacks with a combination and finishes it with a powerful leg kick. Both fighters look really dangerous on their feet. Dusty lands a great side kicks that drops Josh. The fight almost looked like it was over but Josh gutted it out and improved his position to half guard. Dusty passes to full mount and starts working for an arm triangle from mount. The arm triangle is not working so Dusty starts elbowing Josh’s body again. Josh uses the cage to roll Dusty and from top position starts landing some really hard body shots. This was an awesome fight!

Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Dusty Kramps

Dusty Kramps defeats Josh Fried by Unanimous Decision

Andrew Kloot vs. Keegan Cassell

Round 1: Andrew opens the fight of with a solid one two combination. Keegan moves in with a combination of his own but Andrew counters with a crushing right hook that drops Keegan. Keegan looks hurt on the ground and Andrew drops a hard shot to his body. The referee stops the fight just as Keegan taps out. Keegan looked like he was in a lot of pain from that body shot.

Andrew Kloot defeats Keegan Cassell by Technical Knock Out in Round 1, 0:22