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Champions Creed Fighters go 4 - 2 on AFC March 15th, 2013

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Jaret Evans

An amazing fight card at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary over the weekend for Champions Creed fighters.

Starting the night off with an amateur fight was Will "The Thrill" Monzon. This was one of the most exciting back and forth fights of the entire evening both fighters exchanging strikes for 3 solid rounds. Unfortunately Will lost by judges decision but he fought hard and looked great.

Will Monzon

Second fight of the night was another amateur bout with Dusty Kramps fighting a very tough local fighter from Dynamic martial arts. Dusty's strength has always been his kickboxing so his opponent took Dusty to the ground because Dusty was winning the striking battle. Dusty finished the fight getting a triangle choke from the guard showing excellend Jiu-Jitsu skill as well as striking technique.

Dusty Kramps

Up next was our first professional fighter of the night Noah "The chosen Defender" Ali. Noah's original goals was to take the fight to the ground because his opponent is known for his boxing skills. After exchanging a few strikes Noah tried out a couple flying front kicks that nearly landed and made his opponent back up so Noah could set up the round house kick to the head to get the first KO of the night with only 45 seconds into the first round.

Noah Ali

Jaret Evans was the next professional fighter from Champions Creed. His game plan of the night was to execute a take down and work for a submission and that is just what he did winning by a kimora which earned his submission of the night winning his fight in the first round.

Jaret Evans

Semi-main event of the night was given to Trent "Slaughter" House. House never fails to entertain the crowd with his spectacular Muay Thai skills. This was Trent's first professional fight proving he is ready to take his fighting to the next level. In round 2 he dropped his opponent with a kick to the body and continued striking till the referee stopped the fight. Trent really stepped up this time and fought a very tough guy from a well known MMA gym who has a reputation for very tough guys.

Trent House

Main event was Josh "Soup" Kitchen vs most recent TUF fighter Mike Hike. This fight was a brawl. Josh was working his opponent off the cage and landed a great 3 punch combo near the end of round one that everyone thought he had the fight won until as he was going in to finish his opponent he got caught coming in with a big upper cut that knocked him down. Josh couldn't recover fast enough and the referee stopped the fight. Josh was a great sportsman and as always shows tons on heart and puts on a great fight.

Josh Kitchen

Thanks to all the corner men (Brian Bird, Mark Vella, Mike Smallwood, Sheila Bird, Shae Erickson, Andrew Kloot, Billy Kim) helping out in the back warming the fighters up and coaching in the corner. Also, a big thanks to all the family, friends and Champions Creed members who bought tickets to the sold out show to cheer on the team and support local MMA fight cards.