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2013 Champion’s Creed Belt Promotions

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Champions Creed Belt Promotions

So far this year has been the biggest year for advanced belt promotions for Champion's Creed Martial Arts. We have a new 2nd Degree Black Belt and 1st Degree Black Belt as well as two Brown Belt promotions.

2nd Degree Black Belt and highest Canadian ranked female.

Co-Owner of CCMA, 4th time FILA Grappling World Champion and undefeated MMA professional fighter Sheila Bird tested and passed her 2nd Degree examination on January 25th, 2013.  Sheila was determined to take the test after her many accomplishments and dedicated training since earning her Black belt more than 3 years prior even though she was one month pregnant.  She was still very dedicated to reaching her goals before embarking into motherhood for the first time.

New Black Belt

Having started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in September 2001 under Brian Bird, Dan Buchwald passed the grueling 3-4 hour Black Belt test by Roy Harris after many years of hard work and dedication on January 25, 2013. The Black Belt exam is meant to test your technical ability, stamina, heart and character.  It is a test that a person needs to go through to truly understand the physical and mental strength and perseverance it takes to accomplish such a tremendous achievement. Everyone at Champions Creed is so proud of Dan for this life long goal to be completed in such a positive and focused way that Dan is known for. Big congrats to Dan for a job well done.

New Brown Belt

Brice Willis achieved his Brown Belt on March 3, 2013. Brice is one of the most dedicated and hard working students at CCMA. He puts in a crazy amount of effort and focus and it definitely showed on his test.  Although Brice is extremely athletic, fit and feels like an unstoppable beast to many students at the club when they roll with him, it is attention to detail and technical finesse that has gotten him to his level. He takes notes on the pros and cons of each practice session he trains in so he can be better every class. Brice is a great inspiration to other students with his incredible focus. With a busy career, studying for his master’s degree and most importantly wife and baby girl he still finds time to master his Jiu-Jitsu skills.

New Brown Belt

Brian Bird tested and gave a 2.5 hour BJJ Brown Belt Exam to the head instructor Brian Hamm at our affiliate club in Cranbrook BC today. Brian Hamm has been training BJJ with Brian Bird since 2004 when he was a white belt. We are very proud of his accomplishments. He has had to (much like Brian Bird) learn BJJ with a long distance instructor (Brian :), but instead of letting that hold him back he created a school, got training partners, traveled to get instruction he could bring back to his students, and has created a awesome group in Cranbrook and has now, at the age of 47, earn a very well deserved Brown belt. He is a great example of when you want something bad enough, instead of making excuses, you make it happen. Great job Brian!!