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Successful Harris MMA Camp Canada June 1 & 2, 2013

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Day 2 Group Photo

With instructors Rich Martens, a Black Belt from Quebec, Paul Sukys and Lee Mein CCMA hosted the annual Harris MMA Camp with 70 students in attendance.  Rich taught 2 sessions on the Saturday showing techniques and drills for 4 hours on how to use different methods to replace guard and sweep your opponent from a position we call “no-mans land”. After spending 4 hours on all the drilling and techniques students were grasping and using all the concepts successfully and really enjoyed Rich’s detailed instruction and expertise. On Sunday the focus was on striking a footwork to teach people how to stay moving and create more finishing opportunities while training. Students also learned how to be a better pad holder and coach for their training partner to get the most out of training and make it more realistic for real fighting and sparring. The weekend was so much fun and all the instructors had so much to show that students couldn’t get enough of all the knowledge shared.

Harris Camp Day 1
(Day 1 with Rich Martens)

Harris Camp Day 2
(Day 2 with Lee Mein)

Harris Camp Day 1
(Day 2 with Paul Sukys)

As many of you know, we always invite Mr. Roy Harris to teach but the week of the seminar he couldn’t make it due to health issues. We will be bringing Mr. Harris up this fall to teach and for all the students who paid for the BJJ portion of the seminar weekend and they will not have to pay anything for the extra seminar this fall. We missed having Mr. Harris in Calgary this time but we are more concerned for him getting healthy and coming back next time. Rich Martens stepped up and taught all the BJJ sessions and everyone had a great seminar.

We look forward to next year (around July) having a BJJ Harris camp in beautiful BC at the Cranbrook BJJ affiliate school hosted Brown Belt instructor Brian Hamm. It’s set in the mountains with lakes, campfires and fun extra activities to do.

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