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HAVOC fight night in Red Deer went 2-0 for CCMA fighters Andrew Kloot and Patrick Mitchell Friday June 7th, 2013

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Havoc June 7th, 2013

CCMA fighter Patrick Mitchell made his MMA Amateur debut on HAVOC Fighting Championships June 7th against Red Deer’s hometown favorite Ryan Williams, with a record of 2-0 in MMA.  For this being Patrick’s first MMA fight he was very composed and able to execute his moves throughout the fight winning him the match in Round 2 by submission. In round one Patrick countered all Williams take down attempts and got him in dominant positions where he could ground and pound and inflict more damage winning him the first round. In round two he mounted Williams and finished him off with a key lock submission. Patrick had a huge group of family members and friends who come out to cheer him on while he won his first MMA fight.

Second amateur fight of the night was CCMA fighter Andrew Kloot against Brett Alberts. Prior to the fight Alberts was being followed around with camera crews and getting all hyped up. This didn’t stop Kloot from putting Alberts away in under a minute by TKO beginning with devastating knees to the body and finishing him off with strikes until the referee stopped the fight at 38 seconds. This fight now makes Andrew Kloot 3-0 in his MMA career.

Thanks to all the CCMA fans, members, coaches and training partners for supporting Andrew and Patrick and helping them to win their matches on HAVOC Fighting Championships.

Images from Patrick's Fight

Images from Andrew's Fight