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Roy Harris Seminar 2014 Review

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We had a great weekend here on May 10th and 11th, 2014. We were lucky enough to have Professor Roy Harris at Champions Creed to impart some of his wisdom on to us and to grade our very own Brian Bird.

Saturday May 10th was a great day. Not to sure if all of you are aware, but our very own instructor / owner of Champions Creed Martial Arts Brian Bird received his 3rd degree on his black belt. He is now the highest ranking student under Professor Harris. We are so very lucky to be taught by someone who obtains that much knowledge and degree of skill here everyday at the club. Congratulations Brian! You do us all proud!

Brian and his training partners (Left to right: Lee Mein, Roy Harris, Brian Bird, Gyno deBaat and Dan Buchwald)

We then, from Professor Harris started studying a couple of control positions, along with spider guard, butterfly guard and retaining closed guard positions. As always, my personal favorite part of the day has to be watching everyone doing the tests. They are when you can or can not use (for example your dominant arm if you stand up and try to pass someones guard) amongst other things. In doing so that allows everyone, no matter what belt level they are to be on the same playing level.

Sunday May 11th was not only Mothers Day, I have to add in here Sheilas first YEAH! Happy Mothers Day:) It was a day we all learned how to control from mount, back mount and S mount. We also all learned how to tighten up on our arm triangle. Which no matter how good you are, there is always a small bit of information that ends up fitting things together to make the arm triangle all that much more tighter. I also learned a new arm bar from the arm triangle that i'm dying to try on someone hehehehe (Sheila).

Roy Harris Seminar 2014
Roy Harris Seminar Attendees

Speaking of attempting new moves, I'm sure every one from the seminar is looking forward to trying to use these new tid bits of information on the people who were not there hahahah. (My evil laugh). No really lets be honest for a second here, the best part of the seminar was that we received a substantial amount of information that not only new people can use to increase their jiu jitsu game level but that all ranking belts can utilize and improve upon in their game as well.

Thank you to professor Harris. As always, its appreciated by everyone here at Champions Creed Martial Arts that you have taken the time to come down and instruct us.

Thank you,

Jen Flug
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