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Champion's Creed Fundraiser Seminar helped to raise over $10,000 for a family in need.

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It was very touching to have so many members at Champion’s Creed support and donate to the fundraiser this past week going towards Noah Ali’s family to help them through a very sad and financially rough time since Noah’s uncle passed away recently. Even though many people could not attend the seminar they were generous regardless to help out.

I am very proud of Noah for speaking up at the seminar to thank everyone for their support even though it was clearly a very emotional moment for him. We are lucky to have such thoughtful and understanding members so that Noah’s family can have some peace of mind financially while they grieve. If you are still interested in helping Noah out you can go to this link below to donate.

Widowed Mother & Disabled Son Fund


In Noah’s words:

"Words can't express how Grateful and Thankful my entire family is for the support and generosity that everyone has shown during our time of need.

Including the Seminar, email transfers and the gofundme account, I am happy to announce that we have raised over $10,000.


- Noah Ali
Champion's Creed Instructor