Thai Pad Class

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Thai Pad class is beneficial to help you for helping you along in your Muay Thai for many reasons.

  • Thai Pads are geared to help you along in continuous striking so you can simulate sparring with power hitting.
  • Learn to hit hard and accurately
  • Learn striking combinations
  • Thai Pads help you to react to various punching and kicking to help you to slip punches, block kicks and counter punch.
  • You will also learn how to hold pads for other people and help them in their training.
  • And what people notice the most out of Thai pads is that it is a very hard workout, most of the time people want to start out with 2 rounds and work their way up from there. It is excellent for physical fitness.
  • It is essential for competitors to train Thai Pads because it prepares them physically for actual combat for competition.