Join the Secret Santa team at Champion's Creed

The lives of roughly 15,000 clients each year are improved by the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter whose programs include emergency accommodations, counselling, court assistance, and youth services.

At Christmas time, the Shelter also runs the Toy Mountain campaign in cooperation with CTV. It's a way of brightening up the lives of as many of their families as they can—families who have very few belongings and who often don't even have the basic essentials.

From our family to theirs

We'd like the Champion's Creed family to be a part of this worthy campaign. We feel this is a great way to share our blessings.

How to donate at the Club

You can put unwrapped toys and essential items under our club Christmas tree.

Saturday, December 14th is the last donation day at Champion's Creed.

You can hand financial donations to one of our desk assistants.

We will then take all the donations to the Shelter.

How to donate directly

Check out this Shelter webpage for drop-off points or to donate online.

What NOT to donate

The Shelter's website states: "Please note: we do not accept donations of furniture or household items. Due to health and safety concerns, we cannot accept any used items."

Help us get the word out!

In our Club, we teach thankfulness. Giving is an opportunity for ourselves and others to practice and deepen this important value.

Let's make a mountain of toys, worthy of adding to theirs!

  Posted: Monday, December 2nd, 11:00am 3 months ago

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