Champion’s Creed Martial Arts presents:


Light Contact Kickboxing Tournament

Date: Sunday, September 8th, 2019

  • Weigh-ins start at 11 am
  • Rules meeting is at 12 noon
  • Fights start soon after


Champion’s Creed Martial Arts
119 - 42 Ave SW. Calgary, AB

For Tournament Info contact: or phone (587) 229-9524

Round-Robin Format

5 Closest in Weight & Experience make up a Division. This tournament is designed to provide competitors with a lot of experience. It will follow a round-robin format, ensuring that each competitor fights everyone in their division once—guaranteeing the competitor the most for their money!

Athletes should provide their own gear including

  • 16 oz Boxing Gloves
  • Shin-guards
  • Mouthguard
  • Groin Cup
  • Headgear

Pre-registration: $45 plus taxes.

Registration at the tournament: $50 Cash Only (age 16+).

Online Register Is Closed

Adults (age 16+)

Skill Level Divisions:

  • Novice – 1st or 2nd tournament
  • Advanced – 2 or more tournaments

2 X 1-minute rounds with a 30-second rest in between rounds.


Allowed Techniques:

Punches to the body and head. Kicks to the legs, body and head. Clinching and knees to the legs and body. You may also catch your opponent’s kicks (dumping allowed).

Illegal Techniques:

  • Controlled contact; no knockouts or knockout power techniques allowed.
  • No spinning back fists or elbow strikes.
  • No knees to the head.
  • No strikes are allowed to the back of the head, spine, groin or into the joints.


Judges will score based on Technique & Overall Control

  • Win = 3 points
  • Draw = 1 point each
  • Loss = 0 points

Competitor with the most points at the end of round-robin wins the division.

Judges will be looking for good clean technique, both offensive and defensive.

  • If you are going too hard, you will receive one warning.
  • After your first warning, continuing to go hard will result in a disqualification from the match.

At the judge's discretion, you can also be disqualified from the rest of the tournament.


Abuse of officials will not be tolerated. Fighters, coaches, parents or any other spectators caught behaving unsportsmanlike will be warned once; a second infraction will result in the disqualification of their fighter. These tournaments are for new athletes to learn and gain experience in a safe competitive environment.

Online Register Is Closed

For More Information:

Call: (587) 229-9524

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