When I heard about Wimp 2 Warrior I thought this was within the realm of possibility. If I really commit to the process, I could actually do this!

If you're thinking of joining Wimp 2 Warrior, don't hesitate! It will be a life-changing experience, probably the best experience of your life.

— Erin, participant in Wimp 2 Warrior Calgary Round 1

This is a 20-week program that’s meant to take you from no experience all the way to having an amateur MMA fight. It’s very different from a regular martial arts class.

People are telling us they’re excited because

  • “It’s a really unique program.”
  • “This is something that was on my bucket list.”
  • “I didn’t think anything like this existed in Canada.”

This is the program that’s going to push you mentally and physically further than you ever thought possible.

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  Posted: Wednesday, May 22nd, 12:00pm 4 months ago

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Since my first class, I have lost 60 lbs, had a total body transformation, gained an incredible amount of confidence, and found a new family with my Champions Creed Staff and Members! The best thing I ever did was walking into my first class. -Angela White