Here are 10 super reasons to turn your 'considering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)' thoughts into reality—or continue to train.


1. BJJ suits everybody.

BJJ suits everybody.

That's every body and everyone.

BJJ was developed to help 'underdogs' fight and subdue opponents who are stronger and larger. So, your size, weight, gender, and physical strength are not relevant factors.

2. Work out without noticing it.

Work out without noticing it.

Your body will begin at one level, and, with consistent training, change over time—without you really noticing it.

You're going to be so focused on practising the techniques, you most likely won't pay attention to your increasing flexibility or the weight you've lost.

3. Exercise your mind, too.

Exercise your mind  too

You know the game, chess? People say that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the “game of human chess.”

BJJ teaches both strategy and technique instead of brute force. Get ready to become familiar with several hundred techniques in just a few years. Definitely a mind sharpener!

4. Develop true self-esteem.

Develop true self-esteem.

Practising BJJ means accepting that you will fail, over and over. You will also win and win big…and each will be real and genuine.

Growing into this balanced cycle strengthens you both mentally and emotionally. You come to appreciate your wins and develop inner reserves to carry you through your losses.

5. Learn to accept the journey.

Learn to accept the journey.

Will you ever learn everything about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? No.

Why? Well, besides the established set of techniques (hundreds, remember?), masters are continually creating new ones.

You come to realize that practising BJJ is an infinite path of self-improvement. You develop a 'one step at a time' outlook. As a result, you don't focus on the end, just the next step…and how hard could that be?

6. BJJ is one of the most useful systems of self-defence.

BJJ is one of the most useful systems of self-defence.

Quick quiz: How are most street fights fought—standing up or on the ground?

If you said 'on the ground,' good for you? (That's 95 percent of fights, by the way!)

The main goal of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is to get your opponent on the ground and immobilize them there.

A great match for real-life, right?

7. It's a backup system.

It's a backup system.

It is possible that in a real-life, threatening situation, you could run away or end things by striking. If you can't, though, having BJJ in your self-defence toolkit is a powerful option.

8. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a solid base for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

BJJ lessons translate to real-life.

The highest-ranking MMA fighters share one common attribute: they have a black belt in BJJ.

Makes sense because MMA fights take place on the ground, too. As we said before, the ground is THE place for BJJ fighters.

The ground is so problematic for non-BJJ fighters that they have to figure out how to avoid getting there or learn how to fight once on it.

9. BJJ lessons translate to real-life.

BJJ lessons translate to real-life.

and we are not just speaking about self-defence.

Gains such as your strong self-esteem and step-by-step outlook mean that you will be able to master stressful situations whether social or at work.

You will be able to choose which situations you handle calmly and which you realize are not worth the effort—without seeing them as a 'beat yourself up' failure but just part of life.

10. BJJ builds community and friendship.

BJJ builds community and friendship.

By training in such a close contact sport, you are forced to communicate and get to know people better. During (almost) every class, you meet new people in a positive way. You create new bonds and respect for people of every walk of life.

This is a big part of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu culture and an especially important focus at Champion's Creed.

  Posted: Thu Feb 27th 2020 11:00am  2 years ago

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