This is an elite and professionally run MMA training camp for people with little or no experience. The program is run by world-class coaches, right in your city, who have tremendous experience. They've trained professional athletes, MMA fighters, and gold medalists taking them all the way to the top of their fields.

The program is tailored specifically for first-timers. Everyone who joins comes in at approximately the same level. You train consistently for more than 100 sessions with world-class coaches. Each class builds on the next with a specific goal in mind: to conquer your mind and body and do something you've never done before.

The program has been tested in over 45 locations by hundreds of participants and has a very specific curriculum, creating results that are much better, faster, and longer lasting. It's also semester-based, so you build a huge bond and create amazing friendships with a group of people travelling on that same personal growth journey.

We're bringing a world-class program to your local community to give YOU the experience of a lifetime.

Remember, this isn't a gym membership. It's training with a purpose, resulting in a bucket-list life-changing experience at the end.

  Posted: Thursday, May 16th, 4:35pm 6 months ago

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They have Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and wrestling. They welcome children and beginners with open arms and all the staff are extremely knowledgeable. -Shane G Risler