Kids Instructors

1) Our Instructors Are Formally Trained

Being formally trained is mandatory at Champion's Creed because it keeps our instructors consistent in the ways they teach.

We value the philosophy of consistency so when we find this type of training, we strive to bring those instructors to Champion's Creed to share their wisdom and teachings.

Sheila Bird was recently in Ottawa. This is what she had to share:

Recently I travelled to Ottawa and participated in a course specifically focused on 'How to be an excellent teacher for children.'

I was so motivated and excited about what this course offered that I'm bringing the instructor to Calgary to teach this course at Champion’s Creed, in order to pass on this knowledge to anyone who would like to teach kids at Champion’s Creed.

—Coach Sheila Bird

2) Our Instructors Are Passionate

Our instructors are passionate about being the best they can be. They serve as role models so our kids have the chance to learn, have fun, and most importantly, become confident individuals.

3) There Are Several Instructors Per Age Group

There are several instructors per age group, and they're all trained to bring out the best in each student.

Your kids learn skills they will use their whole life…

This a great way for your child to learn skills they will use their whole life long.

Kids Class Jan 2018

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Meet Martial Arts Instructors

Meet Martial Arts Instructors

Very friendly and welcoming martial arts gym. Joining a new club could feel overwhelming and intimidating, but Champion' Creed has cultivated a family-like atmosphere, where you feel like a part of a team from Day 1. Starting from all the coaches and staff, down to all the members, you will be supported from the moment you step on the mats. -Andrew Prokopovych