Champion's Creed, Calgary: The top training spot for UFC hopefuls, but we are so much more

Make no mistake. If you're looking to be a UFC pro, we can help you get there. Champion's Creed has produced 2 fighters that have competed in the UFC, and we are the only gym in Calgary that has been able to do that. But most people are not interested in pro fighting.

So, why should they come to Champion's Creed?

We've got something for everyone interested in MMA training.

At Champion's Creed, we offer

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Wrestling classes for anyone who wants to keep fit, learn the sport and/or raise their self-defence competence
  • Professional coaches who practice a 'safety first' methodology
  • A homey atmosphere for individuals and families
  • Kids classes: 6 days a week; several age groups train simultaneously but separately; a monthly payment option
  • A 5000-square-foot facility including a boxing ring, Zebra Mats, and an event series Octagon cage

We see who you are.

At many facilities, newcomers just join the ongoing classes and pick it up as they go. At Champion's Creed, newcomers have semi-private instruction to learn the basics comfortably and safely. When you are ready, you join a class which suits you and your goals.

Looking for a motivating, physical challenge among friends?

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  Posted: Tue Jun 26th 2018 10:00am  3 years ago

Unlimited Martial Arts Classes

Meet Martial Arts Instructors

Meet Martial Arts Instructors

Champion's Creed was really about safety and taking care of your partner and having fun; there are no bullies. -Jason Zukowski