The warrior guided by the spirit serves humanity; the warrior without, serves the ego.

– Sensei Soke Behzad Ahmadi

Champion's Creed believes in giving back. Many of their key members have done some volunteering. Here are some of the specifics…

Serving first-stage entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneur's Organization (EO) is a global platform to help beginning entrepreneurs grow their businesses. One of their catalyst programs is Accelerator. Brian is enthusiastically on the Board of this important program.

Supporting amateur athletics

Champion's Creed coaches often spend much of their own time helping their athletes. Paying out of pocket to travel throughout Alberta to coach and help them build confidence through their competitive accomplishments.

Coach Sheila Bird

Competitive athletes fund

Champion's Creed hosts events to watch UFC fights. An important component of those events is food. Part of the proceeds of food sales go to the Champion's Creed Competitive Athlete's Fund to support athletes in competition.

Joining the Secret Santa team

Ho Ho Ho

Champion's Creed spread the word about the Christmas Toy Mountain organized by the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter—an event which can help up to 15,000 families have a happier Christmas. Ho, Ho, Ho.

Tailoring Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to individuals with autism

Data shows that martial arts (which involve learning through repetitive movements) can help people on the autism spectrum make friends and work through challenges in a supportive environment. This year, Champion's Creed offered a 10-week program to a group of participants with autism. Find out further details.

Visiting the Hospital

Hakeem Dawodu visited the Children's Hospital. Dawodu is Champion's Creed's latest UFC fighter.

What's the plan for 2019?

Champion's Creed already has several community events in mind. Stay tuned for how you can participate in improving our community.

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Unlimited Martial Arts Classes

Meet Martial Arts Instructors

Meet Martial Arts Instructors

Champion's Creed is a strong and incredible martial arts facility! The coaching is of an elite level yet not intimidating to new individuals wishing to try something out of their comfort zone. The space is VERY generous. After seeing other facilities, I have quickly come to appreciate the amount of room there is to train, taking into account the regular number of students in attendance. You won't regret your decision to train with an amazing team and welcoming family! -Mark Chisholm