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Outside of Champion’s Creed, Chad seems like your everyday guy with a great job and an even better dog. Digging deeper into Chad’s story, it is clear in his work from a safety supervisor to a dog dad that Chad’s journey through Muay Thai Kickboxing has brought out the best in him, nurturing his natural leadership and giving him the confidence and social skills to excel as a coach and friend.

Chad Sawyer
Get to know Chad and it will be evident that his training in Boxing, Muay Thai, and Mixed Martial Arts has created a legacy that makes Chad a confident lead coach of the Striking Team for Champion’s Creed and a vital asset to the success of the programs, from beginner students to advanced fighters.

As a shy kid, Chad describes being picked on, challenging his confidence. He says:

I had horrible self-esteem

– Chad Sawyer

At the age of 15, Chad discovered martial arts. Martial arts came naturally, and the positive reinforcement bolstered his self-esteem which quickly grew over the year. Not only did he feel stronger physically but his mental change and ability to open up to conversation and friendships flourished. A cross-country move set Chad back, but at 18 he resumed his training focusing on Muay Thai and Boxing. For 10 years Chad focused on this training and won numerous titles including

  • 1992 – WKA Western Canadian Superwelterweight Kickboxing Champion
  • 1992 – WKA Canadian Middleweight Muay Thai Champion
  • 1992 – USKBA World Middleweight Muay Thai Champion
  • 1993 – WKA North American Middleweight Kickboxing Champion
  • 1993 – WKA North American Middleweight Muay Thai Champion
  • 1994 – WKA World Middleweight Muay Thai Champion
  • 1995 – NAMTC North American Middleweight Muay Thai Champion
  • 1995 – IAMTF Canadian Middleweight Muay Thai Champion
  • 1995 – IAMTF Best Muay Thai Technique – Prime Minister Of Thailand
  • 1995 – IAMTF Silver Medal World Muay Thai Championships
  • 1996 – IAMTF Canadian Middleweight Muay Thai Champion
  • 1996 – IAMTF Bronze Medal World Muay Thai Championships
  • 1996 – IMTO North American Super Middleweight Muay Thai Title
  • 1997 – IAMTF Canadian Middleweight Muay Thai Champion
  • 1997 – IKF North American Lightheavyweight Muay Thai Title
  • 1997 – Acknowledged for the world’s best kickboxing fight of the year
  • 1999 – IKKC North American Lightheavyweight Kickboxing Title
  • 2002 – Acknowledged for Canada’s best boxing fight of the year
  • 2x IKF Hall of Fame nominee

Through good fortune and connections with friends and family, Chad was able to get a job in construction and has worked his way up to Safety Supervisor. Chad will attest that the confidence he gained through both physical and mental training of Muay Thai has allowed him to be a confident supervisor, giving him the skills necessary to speak in front of crowds and lead a team. Chad is thankful his career in construction enabled him to focus on fighting and training, his true passion, throughout his 20s.

At the age of 28, Chad was a passenger in a vehicle struck by a C-Train. This left him unable to train or fight. For the better part of 15 years, Chad avoided anything to do with Martial Arts.

It was hard adjusting to the normal world; I had a loss of identity.

– Chad Sawyer

He describes reverting to a state of low self-esteem and experienced a loss in social skills.

When his nephew started karate classes, he was convinced to help with coaching. This was Chad’s first step towards reconnecting with Muay Thai and eventually finding his way to Champion’s Creed.

UFC Fighter Nick Ring was also a factor in bringing Chad to Champion’s Creed. Nick had in years past helped Chad train for a title match. Now it was Chad’s turn to train Nick and help get him ready for the UFC.

This was a pivotal moment: working with fighters and being able to re-live his ring experience brought out a renewed confidence and rekindled in Chad his passion for Muay Thai Kickboxing.

After training Nick, Chad joined the Champion’s Creed family and continues to this day to be instrumental in the success stories of a gym that produces world-class athletes.


Chad is no stranger to coaching, and it seems that even out of the gym he’s got a pet project, literally—a Boston Terrier named Opie. As a rescue, Opie was shy and timid, but through positive reinforcement and the bonding that happens through training, he’s become one smart dog. Opie has a long list of accomplishments just like Chad, knowing many tricks. When describing Opie’s capacity, it’s clear Chad has a gift for identifying the strengths in others, dogs and people alike, and has the talent and dedication needed to put them through the required training to be successful.

At Champion’s Creed, Chad works with all levels of fighters, with his focus on advanced athletes. He enjoys seeing his fighting legacy and style work for others—their success is every bit as much a win for him as it is them. Chad knows that there are many elements that are key to creating a strong and able fighter, someone who can withstand little damage to their body, allowing them less recovery time and more time in training.

Being technically proficient will only take a fighter so far. Having the ability to be psychologically strong, being able to capitalize on an opponent’s weaknesses, and using one’s strengths while knowing their limiting weaknesses is the value Chad brings to his athletes.
Fight Photo

Chad also has touch points with beginner and intermediate athletes as well. He enjoys giving the glimmer of hope and excitement to beginners with the same positive reinforcement that he received when he first started. When working with intermediate athletes, he feels a sense of pride when he’s able to help athletes put moves together and grow in their discipline.

Chad is known for his signature style and unique moves, and as athletes become advanced, he loves seeing that what has worked for him works for others too. Beyond success in the ring, Chad will attest that Muay Thai & MMA will help anyone with their social skills and their ability to interact with others, and the lessons learned will resonate throughout all aspects of life.

What’s next for Chad? He’s looking forward to a long motorcycle ride. He describes the experience as being intensely vigilant, 100% alert, and focused on not dying; there’s no time to think of the distractions of life. And afterward, pure relaxation. In some ways he agrees, it’s like being in the ring, in the fight.

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