Let us build both for you and your family with personalized lessons, unlimited drop-in, and expert coaching

To ensure your child has the most fulfilling experience possible, we would like to share a few tips and important pieces of information:

  1. Champion’s Creed Team Gi: If you haven’t already, remember to purchase your child’s Champion’s Creed Team Gi (Your child’s training uniform). 🥋
  2. What to Bring: Bring a water bottle for hydration and a mouthguard for safety. Training is barefoot, so no need to worry about shoes! 🍶🛡️
  3. Arrival Recommendation: Students should arrive a few minutes early, fully dressed in uniform. Parents, please avoid dropping students off more than 15 minutes early.

Please take a moment to read through the Champion’s Creed Children’s Class Etiquette and The Champion’s Creed Student Code, outlining our expectations for both students and parents. We believe this will ensure the best experience for everyone involved in the Champion’s Creed community.

Champion’s Creed Children’s Class Etiquette

  1. Timeliness: Students should arrive a few minutes early, fully dressed in uniform. Parents, please avoid dropping students off more than 15 minutes early.
  2. Respect: Students should wait patiently for their class either on the bench or join in on the group stretching session.
  3. Dress Code: Wear the complete Champion’s Creed Team Gi and bring a mouthguard to every class.
  4. Scanning In: Students must scan in before entering the gym for attendance tracking.
  5. Consistent Attendance: Regular attendance is essential unless the student is unwell or unavoidably absent.
  6. Prompt Arrival: Join the class promptly and quietly if arriving late.
  7. Preparation: Bring a water bottle and use the restroom before class.
  8. Pick-Up & Drop-Off Protocol: Parents should drop children off to allow children to focus during training. Pick-up should be promptly after class.
  9. Health: Avoid classes when sick or skin infections are present until cleared by a doctor.
  10. Hygiene: Clean training clothes after each class, maintain neat nails, and practise good body hygiene.


Please note that these points are designed to ensure a positive and productive training environment for all participants.

These guidelines help foster a respectful and collaborative environment for all students.

The Champion’s Creed Student Code:

  • Respect & Etiquette: Bow when entering and leaving the training floor, and shake hands with partners before and after drills.
  • Focus & Discipline: Stay attentive during drills, sparring, and games. Follow the instructor’s guidance at all times.
  • Teamwork & Cooperation: Assist and support classmates; work together and maintain a positive attitude.
  • Proper Conduct: No pushing, hitting, or bullying. Seek permission for breaks or leaving the mat.
  • Adherence to Instruction: Respect and listen to instructors, concentrating fully on tasks and instructions provided.

Remember, this is already included with your Spring Semester registration. All you have to do is let us know which camp your child wants to attend.

You get to choose the perfect camp for your child! 🤩

Here’s the scoop:

  • 🗓️ Camp Dates: Pick from dates starting July 2 through to Aug 30. Check out the camps below and mark your calendars!
  • 🎉 Pick Your Camp: Check out all the cool camps below and snag a spot for your little champion.


Just remember, this awesome offer is only available while there’s room in the camps. So, let’s get those summer plans sorted and give your child an unforgettable break filled with fun, friends, and fantastic memories! 

(Note: This super bonus applies to any open and available Summer Camp 2024 week. Don’t wait too long spaces are as hot as a summer BBQ! And just a heads up, there’s no cash value to redeem, just pure unadulterated camp joy!)

We can’t wait to see which camp your child picks!

Check out the full camp lineup here: Champion’s Creed Summer Camps

Welcome to our Champion’s Creed family journey! We are excited to help your child discover the transformative power of martial arts. Today, we’d love to introduce you to the dedicated people at the heart of our programs.

Let’s start with Sheila & Brian Bird, the founding force behind Champion’s Creed MMA Camp. Sheila, a groundbreaker in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, made history as the first Canadian woman to earn a Black Belt. With over 100 competition wins to her name, Sheila is the Children’s Program Director, instilling her passion and expertise in the next generation of martial artists.

Brian, a seasoned coach and 4th Degree Black Belt, has an impressive track record of guiding top-tier athletes, including UFC fighters. His dedication to the sport and his students is truly inspirational.

Completing this dynamic trio is Chad Anheliger. From a small-town boy in Consort, Alberta, Chad rose through the ranks to become a professional MMA fighter. Despite early setbacks, Chad discovered his true calling in martial arts upon moving to Calgary at 20. He found his stride at Champion’s Creed, marking 10 consecutive wins and eventually making it to the UFC, debuting with a knockout victory. Today, Chad continues to balance his professional fighting career while co-owning and operating the Champion’s Creed Martial Arts gym in Northwest Calgary at the Silver Springs location.

Together, Sheila, Brian, and Chad are committed to nurturing champions through transformative martial arts programs. They ensure every child has a chance to grow and thrive, not just as martial artists but also as confident and empowered individuals.

Our two world-class facilities, located in Silver Springs and McLeod Trail, offer over 5000 sq ft of professional series zebra mats. Each location is diligently cleaned and maintained, providing a safe and comfortable environment for your child’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training.

Remember, you’ve chosen more than just a martial arts program for your child. You’ve chosen a path of confidence, empowerment, and goal achievement for your child.

Here at Champion’s Creed, we believe in empowering young minds to unlock their full potential. With our unique Kids Program, we offer much more than just martial arts training. 

Here’s what your child can look forward to:

  1. Fun-Filled, High-Energy Jiu-Jitsu Classes: We ensure learning is always fun with engaging and energetic classes!
  2. Game-Based Learning: We skillfully blend play and learning for a more enjoyable and effective learning experience.
  3. Expert, CPR-Trained Instructors: Safety and education go hand in hand at Champion’s Creed, and our instructors are a testament to this commitment.
  4. Tailored Classes & Structured Ranking: Our tailor-made classes and structured ranking system reward progress and foster a sense of accomplishment in each child.
  5. Special Events: From Parent Viewing Nights to Night of the Ninja Kids Nights, we create memorable events that strengthen our community.
  6. Exclusive Benefits: Early access to our events and special training opportunities with gold medalists, professional fighters, and UFC coaches await your child!

We understand that beginning a new sport, especially one as detailed as Jiu-Jitsu, can come with unique challenges. 

We’ve created a series of helpful videos that cover key aspects like tying a belt, mastering the attention stance, and nailing those bridging and technical stand-ups. 🥋

The goal is not to master Jiu-Jitsu overnight but rather to help your child feel more comfortable and confident during classes. Plus, these videos offer a fantastic opportunity for you to engage with your child’s learning journey and see firsthand the skills they’re developing! 🌟

You can watch all these videos on the Champion’s Creed’s YouTube Playlist for Children’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes

We encourage you and your child to watch these videos together, practise the techniques, and most importantly, have fun with them! 😄

Here’s a colourful preview of what a typical day in our dojo looks like. From the moment they enter until their last high-five, every class is a carefully crafted adventure in skill-building and fun. 🥋

Each action-packed Jiu-Jitsu class runs for a whole hour! And guess what? We’ve got a 21-week program all set to turn your kiddo into a mini Jiu-Jitsu master!

So, what’s in store? 

  1. Dive into Jiu-Jitsu Philosophy: Learn the awesome ways of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!
  2. Safety First! We’ll teach kids the A–Z of staying safe and being respectful martial artists.
  3. Get Warmed Up, Jiu-Jitsu Style! Fun routines like shrimping and cool forward/backward rolls.
  4. Jiu-Jitsu 101: Discover the core stances, moves, and positions that form the foundation of BJJ.
  5. Get Down with Ground Moves: From hip escapes to bridges, we’ll get movin’ and groovin’.
  6. Mastering the Guard: Learn the ins and outs of guard positions, passes, and maintaining them.
  7. Takedown Time: Conquer the single and double leg takedowns.
  8. Control the Battle: Get the hang of side control, mount position, and taking the back.
  9. Submissions Galore! We’ve got armlocks, rear naked chokes, and more up our sleeves!
  10. Epic Escapes: Learn how to slip out of tight spots like mount and back control.
  11. Defend Like a Pro: Block common submissions and stay one step ahead!
  12. Roll With It: Dive into controlled sparring and get real-time feedback.
  13. Jiu-Jitsu Values Chat: We’ll wrap up with heart-to-heart talks about BJJ’s core values: respect, discipline, focus, and perseverance.


Beyond the Mat: But wait, there’s more! Every week, we sprinkle in some Character Development magic. This means kids won’t just master martial arts moves; they’ll grow in values like discipline, respect, confidence, and courage, and stand tall against bullying, learning life lessons that go way beyond the dojo walls. 🤝. We believe in training both the body and the heart!

As your young martial artist embarks on their Jiu-Jitsu journey with us at Champion’s Creed, you might be curious about how they’ll progress and earn their stripes — literally! Let’s dive into the exciting path of belt progression, where each colour represents a new chapter of skill, growth, and confidence.

Journey Through the Semester: Throughout the semester, our superstar coaches guide the kiddos as they zoom toward their next belt level, mastering all the cool moves and techniques.

Stripe Stars: As the weeks roll by, your child will earn nifty stripes on their belt, a shiny badge of honour for their hard work and progress!

Celebrate Good Times!  At semester’s end, Champion’s Creed throws a big-time Belt Bash! Parents, you’re in for a treat! Come on down and cheer as your child dazzles in a demonstration and joins their buddies in a belt award fiesta. Each new belt is a big leap toward the legendary Black Belt!

Why Belts Matter: Belts aren’t just colourful accessories; they’re stepping stones. They keep our young martial artists laser-focused on bettering their skills and staying pumped. Got a Black Belt dream? We’ve charted the path! From the first white belt to the elite black, each stage is a landmark in your child’s martial arts adventure.

Sky’s the Limit!  With grit, determination, and Champion’s Creed’s dream team by their side, there’s no mountain too high for your child. We’re all about nurturing confidence and empowerment and helping them chase down those big-time goals. Onwards and upwards!

Absolutely! Our dojo is a playground for every level of energy and athleticism. We tailor our classes to welcome kids from all fitness backgrounds, ensuring that each young ninja finds their own pace without feeling overwhelmed. It’s about sparking a love for movement and the joy of martial arts in a fun, stress-free setting.

Safety isn’t just a priority; it’s our promise. At Champion’s Creed, your child will step into a world where learning martial arts techniques is as safe as it is exhilarating. Our seasoned coaches are experts at nurturing young talents with the utmost care, making sure every roll, tumble, and turn is done with the right form and heaps of encouragement.

Joining a new group can be daunting, but not here. We’ve cultivated an environment that’s as welcoming as a family reunion. It doesn’t matter if your child is the outgoing type or if they prefer to observe before diving in; our team is here to ensure they feel right at home, valued, and part of the Champion’s Creed family from the get-go.

Shyness is just another step on the path to self-discovery, and we cherish that journey. With gentle introductions, buddy systems, and plenty of patient encouragement, we help even the most reserved kids open up like a book ready to tell an incredible story.

Remember, every champion started somewhere, and every question you have is a stepping stone to confidence. So, if there’s anything else on your mind, let us know. We’re here to support, reassure, and share in this exciting chapter with you and your child.


Find us at:
119 42 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2G 1Y2