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4 Time World Champion Sheila Bird has had a successful career in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. She now finds herself waking up every day with zest and energy for her life with her family and her career as head coach of the kids’ program at Champion’s Creed.

Photo Courtesy of Combat Captured. 4 Time World Champion Sheila Bird has had a successful career in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA.

Living for the day, Sheila appreciates that Champion’s Creed allows her to prioritize her family during the day and inspire others in the evening.

As a high school student with drive, Sheila was often on the boys’ sports teams. When not doing other sports, she found herself alongside her now-husband Brian Bird on the stage at the school gym learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Within three months of starting close contact sport, Sheila immediately loved it and travelled to Vancouver for her first competition.

Sheila’s competitive and dedicated passion has fostered her growth in business, as a fighter, and as a coach.

Her determination and can-do attitude are two of the many reasons Champion’s Creed is successful, and she’s willing to make sure the big ideas are practical and follow proper logistics.

As Sheila’s fighting career expanded and her opportunity to travel internationally arose, Sheila had to make the decision to quit a full-time job and launch the children’s jiu-jitsu program at Champion’s Creed. With two potential life-changing chances at her feet, Sheila took the leap and gained an infinite amount of confidence in return.

Competing meant a lot to Sheila. Pushing herself to compete in the international scene, Sheila secured multiple wins and was the first Canadian woman to get a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Canada.

Unfortunately, not all change is easy. At the age of 28, Sheila’s sister passed away suddenly while living a bold life. Overcoming her loss, Sheila was inspired to get out there and live her own big life, putting aside doubt and knowing she was good enough to compete internationally at the highest level.

“Being a big fish in a small pond, you still doubt your abilities.”

— Sheila Bird

Having overcome hurdles as a coach, Sheila knows her task is to set a good example for those who come to train at Champion’s Creed.

As all participants join for their own reasons, it’s important for Sheila and the team to help everyone find their place to fit in, build their confidence, and “walk away feeling good about themselves”.

Retrospectively, Sheila knows fighting wasn’t her identity yet something she really enjoyed. It’s this joy Sheila hopes to pass on to others, starting with the youngest members.

As Sheila’s oldest child started activities, her eyes were opened to the possibility of expanding the kids’ jiu-jitsu program to include 5 to 12-year-olds.

Helping the kids enjoy being active through games and movement and focusing more on the fun has contributed to the success of a great early start for many participants. Knowing that the emphasis on skill and technique will come, Sheila is helping kids of all ages gain confidence.

As partner in business and life, Sheila asserts that good communication and honesty have helped her and Brian throughout the success of both their fighting careers and owning a gym.

She will say that being both loyal and serious is why they were able to get together as high school sweethearts and remain dedicated to their passions today. When Sheila isn’t at the gym, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her kids, gardening, and watching her children in their own activities.

This is a testament to the family-focused approach at Champion’s Creed weaving its way through everyday lives starting with the Birds.



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