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Photography & Video Consent


Capturing students’ moments through photography not only preserves their journey and achievements but also allows us to celebrate their progress and share their inspiring stories with our community. Your support in photographing students contributes to fostering a sense of pride, motivation, and unity among all participants.

It’s important to note that these captured images may also find their way onto our social media platforms, promotional materials, and marketing campaigns. By showcasing the dedication and success of our students, we aim to inspire others to join our community of achievers. Your enthusiastic participation in capturing these moments and your understanding of their potential use are truly appreciated. 

I consent that photographs may be taken and video recordings may be made of Parents (or buyers) and Student(s) by Champions Creed, its affiliated and related companies and each of their representative directors, officers, owners, employees, representatives and authorized agents during the Student(s) participation in Champions Creed activities.  Such photographs and video recordings may be used by Champions Creed for current and future marketing activities and promotional materials.  I AUTHORIZE Champions Creed to use, reproduce, edit, alter, publish, transmit, distribute, broadcast and display photographs and video recordings that contain my child’s image, with or without the name associated with them, in any current or future promotional materials, in both print and electronic format, including, but not limited to:  publications, video multimedia productions, CD, DVD, displays, posters, brochures, advertisements, newsletters, media coverage, souvenirs, and on its website or social media without further notice to me or without my approval of the finished photographs, videos or audio recordings.

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