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Do clothes make the man?

Well, yes and no, but the right equipment can definitely improve your Muay Thai/Kickboxing level and help keep you (and your partners) safe during training and in the ring.


Each profession, sport, and craft has its uniform. Why?

For one thing, those are usually the best clothes for the job — the ones which contribute to you performing your best work.

For another, they show people the wearer is serious and experienced in his or her area.

Traditionally made of nylon or satin, Muay Thai/ Kickboxing shorts are shorter than regular sports shorts. This is to minimize the friction the fabric could cause while fighting. Today’s Muay Thai shorts can also be made of microfibers.

But Muay Thai shorts are just too short for me. If you are worried that ‘something will show,’ just wear a pair of athletic underwear while training.

How many pairs do I need? Daily trainers should have 3-5 pairs of Muay Thai/Kickboxing shorts. In that way, you can always have a clean pair to wear.


If you are doing light elbow work during training it is an idea to consider purchasing elbow pads to decrease the chance of injuring your training partner.


A study of Muay Thai/Kickboxers showed that 31 percent of injuries to amateurs and 42.5 percent of injuries to professionals were to the head.

So, whether or not headgear is a rule, it makes sense to use it.

Try before you buy — Don’t buy headgear just because your trainer, friend, sparring partner, etc. has one like it. All heads are different. What feels great on one head might be torture on another. The weight, visibility, durability, padding, and size of your headgear need to comfortably fit your head.


Having gloves that fit you, well, ‘like a glove,’ improves your Muay Thai fighting performance.

16 oz standard glovesfor sparring/drilling. In general, these gloves will have an outer covering of polyurethane or leather and a foam core. They will fasten with laces or Velcro. The weight and materials keep your partner the safest and give you the best workout possible.

Make sure the brand offers good shock absorbency and ample wrist support. Gloves with an elongated cuff would be a good choice.

Glove hygiene — Best practice is to clean your Muay Thai/Kickboxing gloves thoroughly (inside and outside) with a disinfectant. Then, dry out your gloves with a hairdryer (or the hand dryer in your gym restroom).


Face it — your shins are going to take some hits during sparring. So, shin guards are needed by serious Muay Thai/Kickboxing trainees.

Make sure your shin guards protect ALL the needed areas: your whole shin, the top of your foot, and your instep.

Cloth Shin Guards are great for those just getting started, but Leather Shin Guards are easier to clean, will last longer, and offer more protection to your shin and foot.


As we mentioned in the gloves section, hand wraps guard against damage to the small bones in your hand.

Mexican style (slightly elastic):

  • Flexible and easily fit everyone.
  • Simple to clean, just put in the laundry in a mesh bag.
  • They protect your knuckles from bruising and offer support for your wrist.
  • Provide a nice and snug fit inside your gloves.
  • Absorb sweat, which helps keep your gloves stay dry and last longer.


This is really up to you — what feels comfortable on your hand and inside the gloves you have chosen.

How many hand wraps should you have?

How big is your training bag? Seriously, always carry several in your bag. Depending on your laundry schedule, you may need several further sets.

With many different colours to choose from, these can be really fun to collect.

Hand wrap hygiene

Always clean with a disinfectant solution after use to prevent bacteria from growing and mold from building up.

Champion’s Creed’s friendly instructors and staff are always willing to teach you how to wrap your hands. We also have a poster that explains how to wrap your hands.


In addition to support for weak ankles, Kickboxing ankle guards help you with balance in the ring.

Choose a comfortable size, keeping in mind that you want your ankle guards tight enough for support but loose enough for good circulation.

It is recommended to have several pairs.


This is definitely a no-brainer because whether you spar or not, accidents happen.

We offer both adult and youth-sized mouthguards, which are very easy to shape using boiling water. Ready to use right away!

It’s always recommended to use your mouthguard whether you are doing technique, drilling or hitting thai pads. This will train you to breathe properly while keeping it in your mouth.

Many people keep a spare mouth guard in their bag to ensure they always keep their teeth protected.


We highly recommend getting good groin protection and using it.

They come as both traditional steel cups and plastic cups. Both work really well, and it is purely a matter of personal preference.

You will always feel more comfortable training, knowing you are protected. Allowing you to just focus on your technique.

Some people wear them for all fighting styles. Including Muay Thai, MMA and Jiu-Jitsu.


Thai Pads are essential for learning powerful combinations and are supplied as part of the class, but some people like to have their own set so that they get accustomed to the feel.

Champion’s Creed supplies Twins Thai Pads. The best in the market with extra wrist support, secure wrist velcro buckles and premium leather.


You can purchase gear at the Champion’s Creed Front Desk Pro Shop.

You can pick up everything at on of our Calgary locations and make sure that everything fits properly.

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