Congratulations to Brice on his Black Belt achievement!

It is with pride and excitement I can announce we have a new black belt at Champion’s Creed.

After his 11 year journey in Jiu-Jitsu (and a gruelling 3.5 demo) it was my extreme honour to present Brice Willis with this overly deserved achievement in Brazil Jiu-Jitsu. A true mile stone in ones life.

Not only is Brice a beast on the mats but an incredible roll model on and off the mats.

His dedication and consistency to training, his strong work ethic, and positive mindset, shows what can be accomplished when you put your mind to it.

These are the same qualities he has used in his personal life to become a successful psychologist, husband, and father of three.

Brice has been a vital part of the evolution of Champion’s Creed to where it is today.

There are countless things Brice has done to contribute to the overall success and environment that our members love and appreciate about our gym.

From competing locally and internationally, volunteering at events, teaching and coaching, or just being someone to talk to.

He constantly shows empathy to the new generation.

He is always the first to step up and take a new student under his wing, make them feel welcome, and show them the ropes.

He is a leader that quietly leads by example.

It is my honour to present the black belt to such a fantastic individual. Congratulations Brice. I look forward to the rest of your journey.

-Coach Brian Bird