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Journey to the Heart of Martial Arts:

Champion's Creed Thailand Adventure

The Champion’s Creed team embarked on an extraordinary adventure to Thailand, the heartland of Muay Thai, with a mission to deepen our martial arts skills. Our trip was more than just a training camp; it was a quest to immerse ourselves in the rich tapestry of Thai culture, learn from local Muay Thai masters, and experience the breathtaking beauty of Thailand’s landscapes.

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From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the serene beaches of Phuket and the legendary rings of Lumpinee Stadium, our journey was a blend of rigorous training, cultural exploration, and unforgettable adventures. We aimed to not only enhance our physical and technical prowess in Muay Thai but also to forge stronger connections within our team and with the global martial arts community.

10 Days

13 Members


Day 1

Leave Canada

The Journey Begins: Departure from Canada to the
Land of Smiles

Day 2

Leave Canada

Touchdown in Bangkok :
First Impressions and Restful Beginnings.

Day 3

Flight to Phuket, Start of Training

Phuket Bound: 
First Steps in Muay Thai Mastery at
Tiger Muay Thai.

Day 4

Daily Training and Big Buddha

Strength and Serenity:
Rigorous Training and Big Buddha Pilgrimage.

Day 5

Training and Elephant Riding

Power and Peace:
Martial Arts Meets Elephant Encounters.

Day 6

Phi Phi Island Tour

Island Odyssey:
Exploring the Enigmatic Phi Phi Islands.

Day 7

Training, Free Day, Thursday Night Fights

Combat and Calm:
A Day of Training, Leisure, and Thrilling Muay Thai Fights

Day 8

Last Training in Phuket, Night in Bangkok

Farewell Phuket:
Final Training and Bangkok’s Nightlife Adventure.

Day 9

Lumpinee Stadium Fights

Legacy and Legends:
Experiencing the Famed Fights at Lumpinee Stadium.

Day 10

Departure for Home

Homeward Bound:
Reflecting on a Martial Odyssey.

Thailand Through Our Eyes

Explore the essence of our journey in this curated collection of photos from the Champion’s Creed trip to Thailand. Witness the blend of rigorous training, cultural immersion, and unforgettable experiences captured in each image, reflecting our adventure in the land of smiles.