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We're Parents Too!

Here at Champion's Creed, we're parents too… Our kids classes are fun and safe for all ages.

Champion's Creed

We offer kids classes six days a week.

One of the great things about the new kids program schedule is that it allows your child to try 1 class for free— this includes a 30-minute introductory lesson.

Champion's Creed

We provide a safe, fun and healthy environment. Our instructors go through a rigorous training program, are professional and caring. They all have a 'safety first' attitude.

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Champion's Creed

Our programs develop true self-confidence, self-discipline, character, strength, balance, agility, and reflexes… all in a playful atmosphere.

Older children, especially, develop deep, ingrained patience; a high level of self-control; sincere respect; developed social skills and strong leadership qualities.

Champion's Creed Champion's Creed

When your child first comes to our gym, he or she is not thrown in with everyone else. They're given semi-private instruction to understand the basics in a comfortable and safe setting. We purposefully create an environment where everyone supports each other. Our members say it’s like a family. Champion's Creed

Top MMA Classes

We are a Calgary gym that specializes in MMA including elements such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and wrestling, which is excellent for all levels from professional UFC training to kids' classes.

This training is also great for self-defence classes.

I like Champion's Creed because it teaches my son confidence and good self-defence, and has really helped his self-esteem. The people that run Champion's Creed are very supportive.

- Calgary Mom

Champion's Creed

Champion's Creed

We invite you to join our family!

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Best gym I've ever been to. Knowledgeable instructors, great members! Really supportive environment. The classes are always interesting and never boring. -Eric Pranger