Want to train for free? Can you get 5 friends to sign up within 12 months for training at Champion's Creed Calgary?

Refer a Friend and Train For Free


I'm a member and I want to train for free.

Then here’s the deal.

Receive $50 when someone you refer registers for a membership at Champion's Creed.

If you sign up 5 friends within 12 months, you'll get $50 those first 4 times, and on the fifth sign-up, you'll get one year's training for free. It's that easy.

All you have to do is:

1) Be a member at Champion's Creed.

2) Get your friend's permission.

3) Send us their phone number and email.

Ready to earn your free training?

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Refer a Friend

Unlimited Martial Arts Classes

Meet Martial Arts Instructors

Meet Martial Arts Instructors

This is gym is an awesome facility with some pretty amazing instructors and a fun, welcoming environment. Classes are often packed and you will never lack a diversity of training partners. Great experience for serious competitors and a non-intimidating environment for those who are just starting out in martial arts. -Katherine Januszkiewicz