Wimp2Warrior: Karen Valdehuesa

Karen Valdehuesa

Warrior: Karen Valdehuesa

Age: 29

Occupation: Manager at Champions Creed Martial Arts

Why did you join Wimp 2 Warrior?

Karen: "I want to keep my mind off of depression. Training keeps my mind busy."

What are you looking forward to on Fight Night?

Karen: "To finally show my friends and family what I have been working hard for the past 5 months."

What's your favorite part of the program?

Karen: "Strangers who became really close friends"

What would you say to other participants thinking of joining the program?

Karen: "Its worth it."

Tell us a little about yourself.

Karen: "TMI alert: This seemed too personal to share but I am proud to be part of this team and would want people who are going through what i went through be aware that there are programs out there that can change lives like Wimp 2 Warrior.

I used to have pretty bad depression prior to joining Wimp 2 Warrior. It came to a point where I thought I cant accomplish anything, Im not good at anything, Im fat and etc. - I hated myself. However, I do find that training keeps my mind off of depressing things, problems, stress, and it keeps me active and healthy. Theres just something about training that makes me feel so….. alive!!

When I heard about W2W I thought, this would be the best opportunity for me to better myself - physically and mentally. I wanted to prove myself that I can accomplish anything and be good at something as long as my mind is in it."

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They have Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and wrestling. They welcome children/beginners with open arms. All the staff are extremely knowledgeable. -Shane G Risler