Wimp2Warrior: Megan Reneau

Megan Reneau

Warrior: Megan Reneau

Age: 29

Occupation: Stunt Actor

Why did you join Wimp 2 Warrior?

Megan: "I joined Wimp 2 Warrior because I’ve always been interested in having an MMA fight. It could have taken me years to be taken seriously enough to find a coach who would have helped me achieve this. I respect and have liked Champion's Creed for a very long time. I knew they would have done their research and would only offer this program if it was good. As a stuntwoman, any experience in the required skill sets is a valuable asset to have. Having a more thorough knowledge of being a fighter and what that takes largely would benefit me on the job."

What are you looking forward to on Fight Night?

Megan: "The biggest thing for me on fight night is the follow through. To mentally see if I can work through the nerves of getting into that cage. It’s a lot of trust in the program to believe you are ready for something like that at the end of it. Offering fair and good fights. One that allows me to see if I can apply the knowledge it takes other fighters years to learn. One that doesn’t put me at high risk but still offers a competition that challenges me."

What's your favourite part of the program?

Megan: "There have been a lot of great things from this program. I can’t say any one thing is a favourite. Working with our coaches and getting to know the contenders have been very valuable to me. And the added respect for the conditioning of pro fighters, what they work through mentally, physically, and emotionally."

What would you say to other participants thinking of joining the program?

Megan: "I think if the next participants really want an inside scoop on how hard the professionals work towards their fights, this program will truly open their eyes. Plus they’ll get to experience in what it actually takes to apply what they’ve learned."

Tell us a little about yourself.

Megan: "I am an up and coming stuntwoman. I have been training as an actor for over 10 years and as a stunt woman for 5. I’ve been working professionally for over a year now. I have travelled the world for many workshops in various stunts to work my way up. I’ve always joked that I am a professional trainee but an amateur professional. I like to take on new challenges even if they scare me. There is really nothing more rewarding than pushing yourself past your comfort zone and making it on the other side of the fear.

The best thing I’ve learned from the amazing athletes I’ve had the pleasure to work with is their take on fear. I’ve seen it in their training. I’ll ask them what they are thinking in the moments leading up to whatever it is they are about to do. They all say they are scared. But they have calculated everything to the best of their abilities and in the end, they need to just trust it's there and go for it. Kinda like out fights.

At fight night, we just have to trust it’s there and just go for it. We need to trust our bodies will do what we’ve been training for. Worse case, you learn, redirect, reapproach, try again, acknowledge you still had the mental strength to get in there… etc. I’ve always kinda been a wild card. Always moving, always testing new things and trying to find the next community of athletes to train with. It’s kind of my MO to be multi-focused. Guess I’m kind of a jack-of-all-trades, hoping to be a queen of some, someday."

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