For the past 20 weeks, participants of all ages, fitness levels and walks of life have been training five days a week to fight in a 20-foot octagon cage against another contestant of similar age, skill, and weight.

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Adam Panchyshyn

Adam Panchyshyn

"The coaches and training partners have been incredible."

Billy Curran

Billy "The Bruiser" Curran

"I've been a huge fan of MMA and the UFC for a good few years so when this opportunity presented itself I knew I had to take part. After seeing videos and reading testimonials from previous competitors, I knew I would get more than MMA experience from this program. I really wanted to work on building self-confidence and to push my body to new limits. "

Guy Kelly

Guy Kelly

"My expectations for my fight night is just to enjoy the experience and embrace the moment by saying to myself, 'I have internally conquered myself no matter how the bout turns out!'"

Julie Hanly

Julie "The Juggernaut" Hanly

"At the end of the summer last year, I was looking for a new hobby. Something to help with my anxiety and to take my mind off of the homesickness I was dealing with. We stumbled upon an ad for Wimp 2 Warrior and started watching Youtube videos and reading testimonials from previous participants. No person regretted doing it and it seemed like such a huge accomplishment. It wasn't long before I signed up for a tryout and started on the road to the new ME."

Karen Valdehuesa

Karen Valdehuesa

"I want to keep my mind off of depression. Training keeps my mind busy."

Nick Debrey

"The Nature Boy" Nick Debrey

"I joined Wimp 2 Warrior to develop my self-defence skills so that I can protect my family should the need arise. I never want to feel helpless if I, or my family, were threatened."

Sandy McGrath

Sandy McGrath

"You should do it! No question, this program changed my life."

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I love that from an early age, my boy can stay active & learn how to be disciplined. He’s a bundle of energy & BJJ helps him to streamline it into a positive, healthy channel. The coaches are amazing, patient, and love what they do. I highly recommend this gym and its martial arts classes for kids. -Lucie Reid